Placer County Business Law Attorney Directory

Here is where you can find attorneys that provide services for corporation, banking, partnership, and business law for Placer County, CA.   Below is a directory with links to their web pages where available.    This free service is provided by Placer County Commerce.   Do you have a business that should be here - but it isn't?   Is there some information listed here that is not correct?  Just provide us with the information, and the next time we update the directory we will include your business name, phone number, and website address. This service is provided at no charge.    The update link is at bottom of the directory.

Aronowitz & Skidmore
(530) 823-9736

O'connor & Oconnor Law Office

(530) 889-8086

Scott Browne Law Offices
(530) 272-4250

Scott Richert Law Office
(530) 265-7800